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Service Advisor Training Makes Instant Impact

Service Advisor Jake Schiaffino could sell. What he wanted was to better understand technicians and really be able to target the needs of his customers and help educate them.

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Electrical Diagnosis Training Provides Innovative Career Path

Thomas Justice was ready to give up on being a mechanic because he was frustrated with the lack of training. Then his service manager approached him about a new electrical diagnosis efficiency training opportunity.

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How to Make the Right Career Change in Only Five Months

There is always a new path waiting to start.    This was the case for the most recent July Automotive Maintenance, Light Repair, & Efficiency program valedictorian Christopher Rush. A career change can be a difficult transition.

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Three "MUSTs" for Great Advisor Performance

Service advisors, assistant store managers and customer service reps are the conduit between customers and technicians in any auto dealership or auto repair driven business. Poor communication can lead to mistakes and unhappy customers. Most common mistakes made by advisors can be avoided with proper training and a true understanding of what needs to be performed by technicians and why.

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3 Reasons Why Electrical Training Must be Hands-on, Small Groups

Here are three reasons why electrical training works in the smaller, simulated environment setting: • Seeing components and finding them, hands-on, with instructors right there to guide them eliminates fear of not understanding. Diagrams can be too abstract for many hands-on learners.

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