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Why It’s Important for Employers to Invest in Their Auto Mechanics

Repair shops and dealerships must provide career advancement opportunities for their entry level mechanics. Learn how UpSkill and Efficiency Training can benefit your business.

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Are You a Hands-on Learner?

Like to work with your hands? Do you learn best by doing, rather than studying from a textbook? Take our quiz to find out if you’re a hands-on learner.

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How Matrix Trade Institute Compares to Other Auto Mechanic Schools

When comparing trade schools, auto mechanic students should focus on program length, learning technology, efficiency training, hands-on repetition and career support for paid internships and job placement. Here’s how Matrix Trade Institute stacks up.

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How Long Does It Take to Become an Auto Mechanic?

Matrix Trade Institute offers the fastest auto tech program in Northeast Ohio. Here’s how you can go from learning to earning in 20 weeks.

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5 Reasons Why Matrix Trade Institute is the Right Automotive Mechanic Training School for You

Matrix Trade Institute offers fast, affordable and local education for aspiring automotive mechanics looking to enter and advance their career. See why we’re the right school for you.

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