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Matrix Trade Institute is licensed under the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration No. 2144, and Member of Beachwood Chamber of Commerce  Matrix Trade Institute, LLC BBB Business Review


(M-T.I.M.E= Matrix Trade Institute Measures Efficiency)


MTI efficiency training: The financial game changer

Automotive technician efficiency means being able to maximize your production within the time you work by working smarter, not harder, to make more money. Efficient auto & collision technicians get promoted faster and often become managers who are paid to maximize the performance and efficiency of others.

At Matrix Trade Institute, our 20-week efficiency training program features M-T.I.M.E, a proprietary, hands-on application that teaches the techniques required to maximize earning potential and sustain a lucrative and successful career. It’s our special sauce. We know it works. It's proven. It will make you more money.

Our efficiency training curriculum teaches:

Time management skills

By eliminating bad habits that waste time, students will learn how to make better use of their time to make money at work.

Goal setting

A goal calendar outlines a game plan for students to be 100% efficient and turn 40 hours per week after one month of focus and tracking.

How to measure efficiency and methods to improve

Constant measurement reveals opportunity for improvement.
Focused repetition and best practices improve processes and speeds up repairs maximizing both efficiency income.

Labor guides and time standards:

Students learn labor time guides and gain experience quoting repairs properly and tracking their repair times in a daily log.

How to properly fill downtime

Students will learn how to effectively manage down-time in a shop in order to increase their personal and overall shop productivity.

Positive contribution to shop culture and flow

Students will learn proper professional soft skills including critical communication and teamwork skills that contribute to positive shop culture and organizational flow.

Get ready to change your future

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